mercedes-benz fashion week recap day 5


04.03 Read more Zac Posen is chosen to revive the iconic Charles James label

The Charles James label is named after Charles James who designed luxurious ball gowns from the 30’s until the 50’s. Just last year his iconic work was exposed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

04.03 Read more Are flashing light shoes making a move to adulthood?

Remember these cool kids shoes where, when you walked down the streets, your soles would light up? Well these shoes are not just for kids anymore!

04.03 Read more The world of Thom Browne

Diane Keaton narrates the story of the creation of Thom Browne’s Spring 2015 collection in an exclusive video. In the short film you get an inside glimpse of Thom Brownes world

03.03 Read more The collection of Bastian Visch is available today at V&D!

Bastian Visch, the winner of Lichting 2014, showed his collection that is produced by V&D yesterday. The collection was shown in a pop-up store at the Gerard Doustraat in Amsterdam, where people came together for an exclusive pre-sale.

03.03 Read more You can now add Cécile Narinx to your Instagram following-list!

You can now add Cécile Narinx to your Instagram following-list! Cécile joined Instagram and posted her first post three days ago

03.03 Read more Vodafone Firsts FashionLAB showroom at the World Fashion Centre

In collaboration with the Wold Fashion Centre we opened a showroom where Vodafone Firsts FashionLAB designers exhibition some of their designs.

02.03 Read more Viva la mamma by Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana celebrated mommy’s all over the world with their show at Milan Fashion Week yesterday