15.04 Read more Dutch Designers On the Move #1

Explore the work of Dutch Designers in various museums around the world...

14.04 Read more Speaker @ E-Fashion: Esther Vrolijk

Presentation - Supply chain & customer satisfaction: the three pillars of

11.04 Read more Blog Lisa

Dear fashionreaders, First, let me introduce myself to you. As the new intern Sponsering/Production I’ll work here for the next four months and I’m excited! My name is Lisa, 19 years old and I live in Amsterdam for almost two years now.

09.04 Read more Save the date: eFashion

On May 13th eFashion will take place, a congres organised by Emerce in collaboration with Textilia.

02.04 Read more Blog Eva

Dear readers, This time it’s my pleasure to give you guys a little sneak peek into an Assistant life at FashionWeek Nederland!

31.03 Read more Recap Het Nationaal Modecongres 2014

On Thursday the 27th of March, members of the Fashion in Business network and special guests were invited to ´het Nationaal Modecongres´ in the city hall in Arnhem. The congress was an inspiring programme that addressed all kinds of cutting edge topics which are currently very popular within the fashion industry.

28.03 Read more Fashion In Business presents: 3D Solutions, Dutch Catwalk & Landré

During Het Nationaal Modecongres on March 27th, FashionWeek Nederland hosted a Fashion in Business event in collaboratio with 3D Solutions, Dutch Catwalk and Landré.

28.03 Read more Open Call 10 Days Downtown July 2014

For the next edition of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam we will again organise the spectacular “10 Days Downtown” from the 4th till the 14th of July 2014. This means 10 days, 10 events at 10 different celebrated locations in Amsterdam. All the activities are open for public.

27.03 Read more David Laport's design leading role in Bijenkorf's 'Maffe Marathon' campaign

The white pleated dress made by young designer David Laport, whom participated in Fashion LAB PRO during the 20th edition of Mercedes-Benz FashionWeek Amsterdam, has the leading role in de Bijenkorf's 'Maffe Marathon' campaign.

17.03 Read more Recap Daring Designers # 7; Fashion and the City

Last Thursday, the 13th of March, the 7th edition of Daring Designers took place. In this edition, the theme ‘Fashion and the City’ was the central focus in all presentations and made for some very interesting discussion points between the audience and the guest speakers.

13.03 Read more Janne Kyttanen about 3D printing @ Het Nationaal Modecongres

Janne Kyttanen is a pioneer in design with 3D printing, Janne has executed a diversity of design projects for clients such as Hyundai, Asics, Autodesk, Havana Club, Nivea, NIKE, Rabobank, Philips and L’Oreal.

13.03 Read more Jan Taminiau receives highest fashion accolade: "The Grand Seigneur"

During Het Nationaal Modecongres at March 27th, Modint will hand out the 26th Grand Seigneur to Jan Taminiau, one of Holland's most famous and beloved fashion designers.

11.03 Read more Blog Paola

Hello loyal readers! My name is Paola and I’m 20 years old. Currently, I’m the Assistant Fashion in Business & Fashion LAB within the amazing team of FashionWeek Nederland. Under the supervision of Holly Syrett, I’m responsible for the organisation of all the Fashion in Business & FashionLAB events that are hosted during the year.